Bergianska Trädgården And Thank You

Last Monday, for “Pasquetta” (the day after Easter), we all went to Bergianska Tädgården. The weather was pretty boring and the day cold, so it was just lovely to be inside, looking at all the blossoming flowers of Stockholm’s botanic garden while spring, outside, still waited to show up.

The flowers were beautiful and I am showing some here as a thank you for visiting my page and bookmarking, pinning, and trying out my recipes. Yesterday, the website hit the first 10,000 views and that is quite a lot to me. I had this page for only a few months, and during most of them I have not been that active, busy as I always am with work and family.

Yes, I have a demanding job, a lovely but demanding 3-year old, and an almost always patient and supportive husband, who also demands some attention every now and then. So this passion of mine for cooking, taking pictures and writing on the food I make has to be relegated to a stolen afternoon and a stolen 10 minutes photographic session when the light is good enough (generally in the morning, while running to get ready for work and get the little one ready for day-care).

Therefore, I am surprised that this page is going forward, and actually visited regularly by a few a you, notwithstanding the little time I have for it. So thank you all, the regulars, the occasional, the new and the old readers. Thank you to the commenter fellow bloggers, who really made my day oh so many times, and also to the quiet readers that just stop by for a few minutes. You all help me to keep the motivation for finding those stolen moments of creativity in my kitchen, for improving my photography, and for continuing to share my thoughts, tips, and memories with you.

Hope you all understand that the lack of regularity in posting on this page is not due to lack of interest… I would gladly stay at home for a month and just do this. But then it would become my job and not my escape. La valvola di sfogo, the way to divert my attention to colorful and savory images.

So thank you for making my favorite past-time not a solitary journey but something that makes me feel connected to people I would otherwise have no connection with. This all thing of blogging helps me realize that I am part of a bigger picture, a world-wide movement toward home-made food. I am so glad thinking that I can contribute to make also your world more savory and colorful. And possibly inspire you not to give up and stay away from the grey mass-produced food.  Thank you for helping me to make my own life more meaningful.

This was my favorite: wild saffron growing outside the botanic garden

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  1. ladygourmet

     /  April 15, 2012

    It is a pleasure to get to share this time with you. It is difficult with daily life to visit as often as we like, but the times that we share are very precious. Blessings, Catherine xo

  2. Angie@Angie's Recipes

     /  April 15, 2012

    A beautiful post…full of life and spirit!

  3. I very much enjoy your posts, I have learned so much from your blog and am very happy that you are keeping it up.
    Love the photos of the flowers and your beautiful daughter. Maybe someday our little ones can meet :)))

    • Kim I feel so honored thinking that I can still teach something to a foodie like you. you are a real friend and I am so happy we are still in contact after all these years. would be so nice to get our little ones to finally meet… I think they have a lot in common :)

  4. Spoon Feast

     /  April 13, 2012

    It is wonderful to have met you through our blogs. These flower photos are delightful. You little one is adorable! Thank you for finding time to share bits of your life with us through your blog.

  5. Aspettando una bella ricetta ci godiamo queste foto….la mia preferita e` la fucsia…la tua bimba e` bellissima la mia grande ha quasi otto anni….
    Ciao francesca

  6. unoscoiattoloindispensa

     /  April 12, 2012

    you are very welcome! and thank you for letting us into your kitchen in your me-time, and enjoy your favourite recipes with you :-)


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