Fettuccine Dolci… For A Snowy Carnival

And here we go. Finally posting again after a month of forced blogging eclipse. Meanwhile, Stockholm has got the right amount of snow to call it winter and we are enjoying the coziness of our homes as much as we can. Waiting for the sun to come out to make a snowman. And a snowball fight. And to run our red sled. Or simply to roll ourselves in the white sugar-like crystals…

I am thankful to the Italian group Quanti Modi Per Fare e Rifare, led by Anna and Ornella, for giving me the right inspiration (and yet another deadline) to do something creative again in my kitchen. This month the chosen dish was from Fr@, who was so nice to share her family recipe for tagliatelle dolci, a traditional Italian sweet treat that is prepared around this time of the year to celebrate Carnival. They remind me of le frappe, something my mom used to make every February.


You need: 350 g (little more than 3 cups) all-purpose flour, 3 table-spoon sugar, 3 eggs, 40 g (little more than 1/8 cup) melted butter, the grated zest of 3 oranges and 3 lemons (best if organic), a pinch of vanilla powder (or extract). Oil to fry, powdered sugar to garnish.

How to: Step 1. Mix all the ingredients together and form a ball. Step 2. Flatten the dough as if you were making home-made pasta (which means, make it pretty thin and elastic with the help of extra flour and a rolling-pin) and cut into fettuccine-like stripes with a knife. Step 3. Deep-fry a few fettuccine at a time until golden, making sure that the oil does not burn (keep an eye on the oil temperature, it does not have to smoke, only to lightly bubble). Drain the fettuccine on bread paper possibly (it sticks less).

CONSIDERATIONS: In the original recipe the grated zest and sugar were used as a filling. I preferred instead to mix all together, slightly increasing the amount of sugar and flour. This made it easier on my little helper… we both had a lot of fun doing these fettuccine and the all went super smooth (read it as=not a huge mess to clean up afterwards). The resulting shapes were so interesting to look at it felt a shame to eat them… but we did, yum, and they were light and incredibly zesty. Buon carnevale a tutte le fantastiche cuoche italiane vicine e lontane!

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  1. Do you know, I saw this challenge on Quanti Modi and I wasn’t inspired to join in somehow. Seeing what you made of them, I realise I was wrong. They look delicious! Lovely photos too.

    • thank you :) I also wasn’t much inspired at the idea, but then I remembered my childhood “frappe”… “Quanti modietc” cooking group is a very good one (lot of good cooks/bakers in it and not so well-known traditional recipes), hope you participate soon.

  2. Great post! In Lombardy they are called LATTUGHE. We have just posted the recipe at

  3. Spoon Feast

     /  February 11, 2012

    Your little one is adorable.

  4. Credo di essere riuscita ad iscrivermi…:)…in caso contrario fammi sapere! baci

  5. This is something new to me… it sounds and looks very tasty.

  6. Sono bellissime le tue fettuccine e molto ben presentate! Ma come faccio per seguirti? :)
    Un bacio!

  7. This reminds me of a funnel cake, an American treat available at fairs. It is a batter that is fried and it looks all twisty like this, but not exactly the same since yours is a dough. I love the zest in it! And your little Snow White is adorable. :)

  8. Ciao piacere.
    Grazie a te per averla provata. Bellissima la tua aiutante. Alla prossima.

  9. Bella la tua bimba e belle ciccotte le fettuccine ….qui fa davvero freddo questi giorni…ho una camelia sul terrazzo che ho impacchettato in una coperta speriamo resista.
    Piacere anche per me mi sa che siamo tante all’estero….
    CCiao francesca

  10. apelaboriosa

     /  February 7, 2012

    Buon carnevale anche a te!!
    Bellissime fettuccine e bellissime foto e……bellisima principessa fettuccina!!
    Alla prossima ricetta del 6 marzo.
    A presto le 4 apine

  11. hai messo anche tu gli agrumi nell’impasto!! anche io, ho temuto la frittura….

    che aiutante bellissima ♥

  12. ma che bei nastrini festosi che sono le tue fettuccine, bravissma. un abbraccio

  13. Your fettuccine look so yummy! The photo is wonderful!

  14. eh meraviglia!!!! le prossime anche io nell’impasto gli agrumi! questa volta ho voluto farle come descritto ma adesso…via libera alla fantasiaaa!!!! ciaoooooooooo

  15. But there is a beautiful princess who kneads fettuccine….your version is great!!!
    And the photo too, kiss ele

  16. simonetta

     /  February 6, 2012

    bellissima la tua presentazione degna di un carnevale con i fiocchi

  17. Che aiutante meravigliosa per le stupende fettuccine!!
    Sono veramente buone, vero? Da fare e rifare. Visto che le hanno fatte anche al forno?
    Ottima idea direi, anche se carnevale vuol dire dolci fritti.
    Grazie Barbara, alla prossima!

  18. che belle!! complimenti che belle foto :) anche io ho unito le bucce nell’impasto deliziose!! ciaoo

  19. Ornella

     /  February 6, 2012

    Se il mio scarso inglese non mi tradisce..hai inserito anche tu nell’impasto le bucce degli agrumi! E’ un ‘idea che proverò senz’altro! Ti sono venute bellissime e poi con un aiuto cuoca come quello che hai avuto la fortuna di avere vicino dovevano per forza essere meravigliose! Buon carnevale anche a voi, ancora un grande grazie!

  20. anche io sono stata tentata da mettere le scorze e lo zucchero nell’impasto, ma poi ho voluto attenermi all’originale, la prossima volta provo in questa versione!

  21. unoscoiattoloindispensa

     /  February 6, 2012

    Lovely tagliatelle dolci, and a much sweeter little helper! By the by, welcome back to posting recipes!

  22. Ornella

     /  February 6, 2012

    Buongiorno carissima, grazie mille! Afferriamo il link al balzo ma ritorneremo con calma ad assaporare questa delizia! Ornella e Anna
    Un bacione alla Stellina che ti ha aiutato :)


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